Who invented the newspaper?

We have to go back in the 8th century to China to find the world’s first newspaper.

Its name was Kaiyan Za Bao, Bulletin of the Court.  The daily news was collected by editors and hand-written on silk by writers.  It was sent to the provinces and read by imperial officers during the Kaiyuan era.

The first printed newspaper as we know them today came only after Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1447.  Even after this invention people had to wait another 200 years until the Weekly News appeared  in London.  The News is considered the first regularly published title in the English-speaking world.  The earliest known copy of this newspaper is dated October 11, 1621 and can be found in the collection of  Charles Feleky of New York City.

One reason why the first “modern” newspaper appeared so late in history can be attributed to limited  literacy prior to the 17th century.

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