Food for health: dark chocolate lowers cardiac mortality

 We know already how healthy dark chocolate is thanks to high amounts of powerful anti-oxidants.  A recent study by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden found that dark chocolate significantly lowers cardiac mortality.

The study was conducted on more than 1,100 heart attack patients in Stockholm over the course of 10 years.  Those patients who ate chocolate several times a week cut their risk of dying from heart disease about threefold compared to those who didn’t eat chocolate at all.

Researchers consider the anti-oxidants in the chocolate to be responsible for this health benefit.  At the same time they underline that only chocolate with 70% and more cacao has this positive effect. 

It’s important to keep in mind, as with any food, it’s the amount we eat that contributes to good health.  Therefore we shouldn’t eat chocolate excessively.

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