Who invented shoes?

We take shoes for granted but there were times in ancient human history where people didn’t wear shoes.  Creating and wearing shoes was a huge step in human development because it meant protection against cold and rough ground as well as care of the own body. 

The first shoe-similar footwear can be found on Spanish cave drawings from more than 15,000 years ago.  The drawings show humans with animal skins or furs wrapped around their feet.  In order to find the very first real shoes we probably have to go back to the Sumerian culture in Mesopotamia.  These first shoes were soft sided and made of wraparound leather.  They looked similar to what we know today as moccasins.

Shoemaking was introduced into the United States in 1629,.  The earliest known shoemaker was Thomas Beard, who arrived in Salem, Mass., in 1629.

Not so long ago there was no difference between right and left shoe.  Until 1850 both shoes, left and right, were made in the same form.  With today’s highly stylized and customize footwear it’s hard to imagine people wearing the same shoe on both feet. 

Today companies use advanced technology to design high fashion shoes as well as improve the performance of athletic footwear.

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