Who invented the chair?

It’s such a common part of daily living that we don’t think of it as being special.

But there was once a time when people didn’t use chairs.   It’s hard to imagine today, with a world full of chairs, but there actually was a person responsible for that wondrous invention that graces our living rooms, dining rooms, offices and just about any place else you can think of.

We aren’t sure exactly who invented the first chair, or what year, but there are some good estimates.

Some accounts say that the Egyptians invented the chair because archaeologists found chairs in Egytpian tombs.  Others point out that the Sumerians must have been the inventors because there is a 4,500 year old statue of the goddess Inanna showing her sitting on a throne-like chair.

While the common people were sitting on the ground, the first chairs were reserved for royal families.  A chair was a clear sign of authority.

Frescos and pictures of ancient chairs show them made of precious materials and with fancy decoration.

When you sit down on your next chair, think back to those ancient times and you might feel a bit more royal.

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